😇What is the Minimum Deposit Rule

Understand what is the minimum deposit rule and how un-accumulated deposits affect your balance.

Minimum Deposit Rule & Un-accumulated Deposit

When a deposit is not accumulated, it means that the said deposit may be deemed too costly and insignificant to be processed or is known to be a possible spam transaction. This can happen when the network fee paid to process said deposit is higher than the deposit value itself. Hence to simplify the process, Multichain introduces a minimum deposit rule, where if when a deposit amount is less than the deposit minimum, the deposit will be deemed as un-accumulated and will not be processed or added to the total balance. Therefore, it is vital to adhere to the minimum deposit rule to allow immediate access to deposited funds.

Blockchain networks such as Ethereum and TRON requires implementation of warm wallets to facilitate deposit management and consolidation of funds to a cold wallet for safekeeping. When a deposit is consolidated and swept or forwarded to the cold wallet for safekeeping, this scenario is known as an accumulated deposit.

Note: Minimum deposit amount are varied for different digital asset and can be found in the user dashboard.

Can an un-accumulated deposit ever be redeemed?

Yes, however it will have to comply to the minimum deposit rule. Since minimum deposit rule may dynamically or periodically change from time to time, un-accumulated deposits may be processed and added to total balance in later dates if deposit amount is equal or higher than minimum deposit amount.

Besides that, if the sum of a future deposit and the un-accumulated deposit amount within the same wallet is higher than the current minimum deposit amount, the un-accumulated deposit will be automatically processed and added to balance with a 50% discount on the Network Fee.

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